Antiquities from Mexico and Argentina

Price: 174.00 USD

Information: This is a high quality antique lithograph by Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert and was made in Italy about 1895. Kuhnert (1865-1926) was a German artist who specialised in wildlife. He was especially good at portraying animals in natural settings. Print method: Chromolithography, in which each color was printed from a block of limestone. Chromolithography was invented in about 1830 and was the first true multi-color printing technique - previously color had to be applied by hand. A printing stone was used for each color so highly colorful prints such as these required a lot of stones and a great deal of care in aligning them. The Victorians loved this method of printing because of the rich coloring that could be achieved. Condition: The image areas of the prints in this set are in excellent condition. There is a bit of foxing in the white margins, but this can easily be covered with a matt when framing the print. Any additional comments about the condition of this particular print are shown in the text box above the print containing the price. Size: 10 ¼ x 7 inches (26 x 18cm)