Opaki Plain

Price: 169.00 USD

Information: This is an antique lithograph by Charles D. Barraud and was made in 1877. Barraud's illustrations are regarded as some of the most important early images of New Zealand land scapes. He was an English artist who emigrated to New Zealand in 1849 and traveled widely in NZ sketching the beautiful scenery, usually in water color. Twenty four of his best paintings were published as lithographs in 1877 in London. The lithographer was the excellent C. F. Kell. Many of the lithographs are of considerable historic interest and are now very rare, particularly that portraying the Pink and White Terraces which were destroyed in the Tarawera eruption. Barraud was a founder member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and its first president. Date:1877. This is an authentic antique, not a reproduction. Print method: Lithograph with especially rich coloring. The lithograph is mounted on the original paper it was laid down on. If you look carefully you can see the tiny little lines the lithographer used to align the lithograph on the mounting paper. Condition: Very good condition. The colors are bright vibrant, amazing considering it is over 130 years old. The mounting paper has a few dots of foxing. Size: Paper size ~ 22 by 17 inches (56 by 44 cm)