Butterflies - Papilonidae - Swallow Tailed, Festooned and Apollo

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Information: This print is from a work designed to provide entomologists and tourists with a comprehensive guide to European butterflies and moths. The print is very attractive as it is large (most antique prints of butterflies from this era are much smaller), brilliantly illustrated and has original hand colouring. The intricacy of the markings on each butterfly, moth and caterpillar is remarkable. The butterflies and moths are shown on the plants they typically inhabit. Date: 1882. This is an authentic antique print, not a reproduction. Source: European Butterflies and Moths by W. F Kirby, assistant in the Zoological Department, British Museum; and secretary to the Entomological Society of London. Published by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co, London Print method: Lithograph with original brilliant hand coloring on stiff paper. Plate printed on one side and blank on reverse Condition: Excellent condition Size: 10½” by 8½” (26.5cm by 21.5 cm)