Coaila, Brown Capuchin and Saki monkeys - South America

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Information: This is an original hand colored engraving from the "Barr's Buffon" English edition of George Louis Leclerc Buffon's Natural History. The hand coloring is original, and the engraving is over 200 years old. Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon was a French naturalist, mathematician, biologist, cosmologist and author. Buffon's views influenced the next two generations of naturalists, including Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Charles Darwin. Buffon is best remembered for his great work Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière. It included everything known about the natural world up until that date. In it Buffon considered the similarities between humans and apes, and the possibility of a common ancestry. Buffon's work is considered to have greatly influenced modern ecology. Date: This work was printed in the years spanning 1797 to 1808 Print method: Copper plate engraving with fine details and original, delicate hand coloring. The paper is creamy white Condition: Good condition.. Some prints from this set have a dot or two of foxing. If present you can see it on the above scan. Size: Approximately 8 x 4.5 inches (20 by 11.5 cm)